FoodCloud Volunteers

We have team of dedicated volunteers that collect food from stores each night and deliver the food to charities in Dublin. The collect the food in an ESB e-car affectionately know as ‘Foodie’. We were delighted when the Irish Times joined us on a collection!

View Irish Times Video here

FoodCloud’s Food Rescue Project

The Food Rescue Project brings volunteers, food businesses and charities together to rescue surplus food from Dublin food businesses and deliver it to those who need it most.

What’s involved?

The Food Rescue Project provides a solution for charities that are resource constraint in the evening time and are not in a position to collect the food even though they had a need for it. Food is rescued from participating businesses in Dublin and delivered to a local charity that evening by an ESB sponsored FoodCloud e-car.

How can I get involved?

Anyone 18 or older can volunteer as a navigator. To volunteer as a driver you must be 25 or over with a full clean drivers licence.

Contact to find out about the next training session! Sign up and take action against food waste in your community and volunteer to rescue good food in Dublin!

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